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Why I didn't use libadwaita for EarthDragon

Preface: I respect the work that the developers have put into libadwaita, and this is in no way a hit piece or a criticism of the library. Please do not use this post as propaganda against libadwaita.

So, this is something I want to write so I can link to it in the future, and it's about: Why didn't I choose libadwaita for EarthDragon?

A lot of it comes down to the fact that there's only two, yes, two widgets from libadwaita that I find useful and needed. The others are, while stylish and aesthetically pleasing, not useful. Matter of fact, i'll categorize them below in a simple table!

Widget Ranking
Leaflet SNU
Clamp UNN
Lists UNN
View Switcher SNU
Avatar GC
Flap UNN
Tab View EU
Buttons NU
Style Classes U
Toasts SNU
Animations SNU
Dialogs NU
About Window SNU

As you can see, I find most of the widgets, while very stylish, ultimately useless for my needs. The only widget I find useful is the TabView, which in my opinion should be in GTK4 or GTK5 (Please, pretty please).

So that's basically it, ultimately, libadwaita was just, well, not needed, that's it, there's no other reason. Hell, the only reason i'd link with it is for the TabView widget, and that's literally it.